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Asking People for lines

2010-10-30 20:43:32 by jaxumaa

How would you ask someone for voice acting without sounding like a complete tool? Asking people for voice acting and animation that you don't know must be the most or close to the most awkward thing ever. Seriously.

Daily Feature - 10/25/2010

2010-10-25 06:33:16 by jaxumaa

So I wake up today(if your seeing this after the 25th of October 2010 it won't be today for you) anyway i wake up today and I see that Super peoples Pt.1 got Daily feature. That made me jizz my pants I was only writer/voice actor but I feel obliged to be slightly smug. Also because If Pt.1 got daily feature, Pt.2 will get loads of other awards, because Pt.2 has fighting, and racism.

Daily Feature - 10/25/2010

Super Peoples Pt.1

2010-10-24 10:47:14 by jaxumaa

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2010-06-10 05:53:22 by jaxumaa